• Cachorro Loco En Transito

      Roughly translated “cachorro loco” means puppy crazy and when not scoring some fun little bowls in Transito, there were some cute little pups to go crazy for.  We’ve been hitting Transito just about every day as when it gets small here Transito is pretty consistent with dishing out something worth getting wet for.  You Read More

  • World’s Not Fair: 99% Mixed Bag

      Conditions have been so variable we’ve had a variety of conditions that we don’t normally get to play with and it’s been amazing.  It’s a little more fun to have the challenge of chasing the conditions to the places where they’re best as opposed to having so many perfect options it’s good or “better” to Read More

  • Father Son Day

    Our old friend and repeat offender here at STN, John Ruiz, brought his family down for some fun in the sun and surfing adventures. This morning before the girls were awake, he and his 9 year old son John Jr. snuck out for a morning session.  Junior is a natural and didn’t hesitate to paddle Read More

  • The Ladies Of Miramar Bringing It!

        We don’t have the strongest female presence in the water here in Miramar.  It’s nice that we do have some presence, but other than the local gemelas (twins) Rosa and her sister Isela, there are no other local surfer girls.  We do have our friend Danielle who is down as a guide/intern and Read More

  • Classic Overachiever! The Legend Of El Gordo

  • OBX Nicaragua!

    A little bit of the outer banks came to Nicaragua today…and by that I mean Keith and his buds were having a great time at Salinas. They’re well familiar with quality beach break, but I think they were pretty impressed by the lack of crowd, warm water and quality of waves.  Of course that didn’t Read More

  • Backlit Blues And Pure Stoke

      Who needs hormone replacement therapy when you’ve got a bunch of stoked surfers around?  There’s an infectious energy that saturates your soul when you get slapped by the sheer joy, hear the hoots and receive copious compliment for what you thought was an otherwise mediocre ride.  It reminds us of how lucky we are and keeps Read More

  • Mucho Aloha!

      The waves were good and the Aloha was thick at Salinas Grande….something the Mexicans call “Mucho Aloha!”  As you can see from the photos there were good waves everywhere and hardly a crowd.  It was basically just us for about 3 hours trading off barrels and calling each other into waves.  We were about Read More

  • Sickness And Filth And Dead Batteries!

    Does it seem like I make a lot of excuses?  It seems like it to me.  When I set up the water housing I turned the camera on and the battery meter read full.  I checked the card and erased all images.  I put the 28mm lens on and made sure the autofocus switch was Read More

  • Big Shredder!

    You’ve probably heard me say that photos lie and here you see the evidence.  If I only showed you the photo on the left you would think “check out that sick photo” or “nice floater”… what was actually happening in the photo though was me doing a couple things.  One is kicking myself for trying Read More