• Did He Make It?

      We’ve got a little quiz for you today to see if you can guess wether these guys made their waves or not… Take a look at the photos and study their positioning and the possibility that they made their wave or not…I’ll put the answers below!       Quiz Answers:  They all blew […]

  • Da Small Kine’

        Is it really fugging August and the waves are shoulder high?  This is not normal.  Just another case of being so spoiled by constant overhead surf during the summer months that when it drops down to shoulder high we’re all pissed off about it;-)  And we’re still getting waves!  I mean the little […]

  • Recent surf photos?

    We’re having an issue with photos not posting on our blog!  If you want see what the surf has been like check out our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Surf-Tours-Nicaragua/117354094962850?ref=hl   Or our Instagram here: https://instagram.com/surftoursnicaragua505/   There is also a live surf web cam here: http://surftoursnicaragua.com/surf-web-cam/

  • Wish You Were Here….

    It’s not always the waves we miss, although we miss the waves on occasion. There are some other things we miss around here and wish were in the picture…as in the items pictured above- The Gravedigger, our long lost Landcruiser. There’s Aymon, our worst dog ever, but we still miss him;-) The “Sign Wall” that […]

  • New blog photos

    Testing the photo format

  • our new website is live!

      Welcome to our new site, please let us know what you think! we hope to have the photos on the blog very soon!

  • Nicaragua’s Bizarre Plan to Bury the Panama Canal

    From OUTSIDE magazine: The country’s Sandinista government has cut a deal with a reclusive Chinese businessman willing to spend $50 billion on a larger-than-life transport waterway. There are a few unanswered questions, starting with whether Nicaraguans really want it and how much priceless habitat would be wrecked. Traveling the proposed route by motorcycle, boat, and […]

  • 2016 Nicaragua surf and Yoga retreat

    Okay everyone. Mark in on your calendars for next year. Surf Tours Nicaragua is hosting a yoga/surf retreat on Feb. 13-20 2016. Join the amazing Jules for an all inclusive week of yoga, food, surf, and sun in Miramar, Nicaragua. Please email Jules at julesteaches@gmail.com and or Kayla at kaylakimari@gmail.com for prices and more details. […]

  • Punta Miramar!

    The view of the point from our deck. His view may be the only better one. Clean up set from yesterday. The ocean swallowed everyone.

  • Hurricane White Lies

    Saturday, June 6, 2015 I’m telling you right now……it was sooooooo big and soooooo hollow……. ….yeah yeah, we’ve all heard it, but at least this time it was true.  We got some west swell from good old hurricane Blanca and it wasn’t white lies this time.  The west swell was substantial enough to combo with […]